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Réunion Island |  | 

Reunion Island Reunion Island    

Reunion Island !
(Indian ocean)

This D-carte will provide an intense revival of this island in the multiple landscapes...
Ocean, sweet air, pure water, fertile plains,
immense forests, full of fish rivers, circuses in the vertiginous walls filled(performed) with wild flowers...
Nothing, except maybe the occasional cyclones, comes to disturb the charms
of Reunion, where the tropical diseases do not exist.One understands better the increasing craze of
the tourists for the " fragrant country than the sun caresses(cherishes) " ( Baudelaire), small
island of the archipelago of Mascareignes, put in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Music: Pat Jaune – Polka 23 – Album arise--- K. Mac Leod --- Patrice Jullian et Olivier Fontaine
Photos : François Boyer, Patrice Jullian et Olivier Fontaine

1 postcard  + One 10 minute diaporama + 1 envelope
(total weight lower than 20 grams /postcard stamping)

Nota bene: the real size of the postcard is 10,5 x 15 cm
DVD is readable on any DVD reader (homeDVD, PC, Mac).
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5.50 euro
6.88 $