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Commercial informations

General conditions of sale

Article 1 : Preamble

The present general conditions of sale apply in an exclusive way between the Field Libre(ci-after " Us ") and any person visiting or carrying out a purchase via the site www.d-carte.com (hereafter " You ")..

Any Net surfer can take note of the general Conditions of sale on the site www.d-carte.com (hereafter the " Site "). These general Conditions of sale being able to be the subject of modifications, the applicable conditions are those in force on the Site at the date of making of your order.

Article 2 : Contract

       2.1 Conditions to carry out an order
You declare be old at least 18 years and to have the legal capacity or to be titular of a parental authorization allowing you to carry out an order on the Site.
Any order carried out on the Site must correspond to the normal needs for a household.

       2.2 Order
After having placed your order, We address an e-mail confirming to You this one to You. We inform you of L’sending of your articles.
You have nevertheless the possibility of modifying your order jusqu’at the date D’sending of your articles.

Article 3 : Price, availability and delivery
The prices posted on the Site are indicated in euros all French taxes included/understood (French VAT and other applicable taxes), except share in the expenses of port, at the expenses of treatment of your order and at the expenses of packing gifts.

We can accept your orders within the limit of stocks available. We inform You of the availability of the articles sold on the Site on the page of information of each article. If You choose to regulate by bank check, your order will be treated only with reception of this one and the applicable times are those at the day of the reception of the cheque.
If, in spite of our vigilance, the articles are inalienable, We will inform You by e-mail as soon as possible.

(i) In the event of unavailability within the times indicated, We reserve ourselves the possibility of proposing to You in replacement an article of a quality and an equivalent price. In this case, the expenses of consecutive returns to the possible exercise of the right of retractation will be with our load. If We could not provide You an article of quality and equivalent price or if You do not wish this article of quality and equivalent price, You will be able to cancel your order.

(ii) In the event of permanent unavailability, and if We cannot provide You an article of quality and equivalent price, Your order will be cancelled automatically.

We remind to you that your chart of payment is output only at the time of the forwarding of your order. Consequently, if an article would not be available and no article of replacement could be delivered to You, your chart of payment will not be output.
Despite everything our efforts, it may be that a restricted number among the articles being reproduced on Our Site comprises an error of price. Be however assured that We carry out the checking of the prices at the time of the procedure of sending of your article. If the corrected price is lower than the price posted on the Site, We will apply You low the price and will address Your article to You. If the corrected price is higher than the price posted on the Site, We will inform You and carry out the cancellation of your order unless You do not choose to accept the order at the new price.

Article 4 : Customs duties

Any order placed on the Site and delivered apart from France could be subjected to possible taxes and customs duties which are imposed when the parcel arrives to its destination. These customs duties and these taxes possible related to the delivery of an article are with your load and concern your responsibility. We are not held to check and to inform You of the customs duties and taxes applicable. To know them, We advise You to inform You near the proper authorities of your country.

Article 5 : Payment
You can carry out the payment by chart of payment or cheque.
The charts emitted by banks domiciled out of France must obligatorily be international bank cards. In the event of payment by chart of payment, the amount of your order is output only at the time of the forwarding of your articles.
The payment by banking cheque is not possible that for cheques in drawn euros on a bank domiciled in France or in Monaco. In the event of payment by cheque, the setting with the cashing of the cheque is carried out with the reception of the cheque.
The cheque will have to be established with the order of the Mixed Trade union of the Pointe-du-Raz current, and to be sent to the address below :
Champ Libre  - Prat Meur - 29710 Plozévet - France                   

If You would be late in the payment of the price, We would have the right to claim post maturity interest calculated on the basis of statutory rate into force and applicable as from the day of the summation to pay.

Article 6 : Returns
You have the right of retractation seven (7) days envisaged by the law to turn over Us the articles without having to justify reason.
In the event of delivery of an article, nonin conformity with your order or damaged during transport, thanks for agreeing to return it to us.
If We agree to replace a product damaged or not-in conformity with Your order, You will have to turn over Us this product in the 7 days following the date on which We confirmed to you to carry out his replacement. In the event of non-observance of Your obligation of return of the product damaged or not-in conformity within the aforementioned 7 day, We reserve ourselves the right to output on the bank card which you used for Your order an amount equivalent to the price (to which the VAT is added) product damaged or not-in conformity that You did not turn over Us. In this case, one second conditional sale suspensive will be regarded as having been realized by Us. This condition precedent will be satisfied if to the expiry of the 7 days period following the date on which We addressed a product of replacement to You, the product damaged or not-in conformity is not turned over to Us.

Article 7 : Reserve property
The delivered goods will remain our property until their forwarding at the time of the handing-over to the conveyor, once that You discharged the price from them.

Article 8 : Guarantees and responsibility
You profit from the provisions of the legal guarantee of the hidden defects.
The audio, video and multi-media products can give right to the guarantee manufacturer indicated on the detailed card of the product.
We decline any responsibility on the assumption that the delivered article would not respect the legislation of the country of delivery other than France.
We commit ourselves taking all the care of use in the profession for the setting in œuvre of the service offered to the customer. Nevertheless, our responsibility could not be retained in the event of failure with our contractual obligations because of a fortuitous occurence or of a case of absolute necessity as defined by the jurisprudence returned by the French jurisdictions.
Our responsibility will not be committed in the event of delay due to an out-of-stock condition in the editor or the supplier. Moreover, in the event of nonsubstantial differences between the photographs of presentation of the articles on our Site, texts and illustrations and the articles ordered, our responsibility will not be committed.
We put in œuvre all the means of which We lay out to ensure the services objects of these general Conditions of sale. We are responsible for any damage direct and foreseeable at the moment of the use of the Site or the conclusion of the sale contract between Us and You. To in no case We will not incur a responsibility for losses of benefit, losses commercial, losses of data or loss of earnings or any other consequential damage or which were not foreseeable at the moment of the use of the Site or the conclusion of the sale contract between Us and You.
The limitation of responsibility noted above is inapplicable in the event of fraud or of heavy fault of Our share, in the event of physical injuries or of product liability defective, in case D’ousting and in the event of nonconformity (including because of hidden defects).

Article 9 : Licence of access to the Site
We grant to You a licence limited to the access and the use of the Site for your personal use. To in no case You are not authorized to download or modify whole or part of this Site without Our written authorization and express. This licence does not enable You to in no case to use, for the sale or any other commercial use this Site or its contents (produced listed, descriptions, price, remote loading or copy of information for the account of another tradesman, use of data, software, extracts sound, graphics, images, texts, photographs, tools).

This Site or very part of this Site should not in no case to be reproduced, copied, sold or exploited for commercial reasons without our authorization express and written.

You should not use techniques allowing to copy a mark, a logo or any other information (in particular images, text, models) of which We are owners without our express train agreement and writing. You should not use the meta tags or any other "hidden " text containing our name, our mark or that of the companies of our group without our express train agreement and writing. Any unauthorized use will put an end to the licence that We granted to You.

We authorize You, on a purely nonexclusive and revocable basis, to create a bond hypertext pointing on the banner page of the Site in the condition that this bond cannot create Us or create against the companies of our group, or with our products or services, a character untrue, false, pejorative or being able to carry Us damage. To in no case the creation of this bond hypertext will not be able to engage our responsibility, with some title that it is, on the contents of your site. Any use in your bond of our logo, our mark or our graphics requires our authorization express and written.

Article 10 : Comments, critical, communications and other contents
The users of this Site can address criticisms, comments or any other contents to Us ; Us to subject suggestions, ideas, questions or any other information as long as these contents are not illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, libelous, contravening the rights of ownership intellectual, or prejudicial with thirds and does not consist or does not contain data-processing viruses, of political militancy, commercial requests, of mailing of mass, chains or any other shape of " Spam ". You should not use a false address e-mail, to usurp the identity of a person or an entity, nor to lie from the origin of the contents. We reserve ourselves the right, with our whole discretion, to remove or modify very contained, in particular for technical reasons (insufficient storage capacity, virus, clearness of the Web page) or legal (matter in matter defamatory, untrue, racist, obscene or making L’apology for the crimes against L’humanity). The reasons mentioned above are it with title D’example and do not have to be interpreted as being exhaustive.

If You address to Us contents, and except contrary mention stipulated by Us, You agree to grant to Us, like at the companies of our group, the right, nonexclusive, free and for the legal duration of the royalties to exploit, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, under-lay off and post these contents in the whole world and on all supports. You grant to Us, like at the companies of our group and with our under-bachelors, the right to use the name that You communicated to Us at the time of the supply of your contents. You give up the right to be identified as being the author of the contents. You agree to carry out all the acts necessary to perfect the rights that You grant to Us, in particular by the execution of any act and any document for our request.

You declare and guarantee being owner to Us or to have the rights necessary on the contents that You transmit to Us ; that, at the date of transmission of the contents : (i) the contents is exact and veracious, (ii) the use of the contents does not contravene the one of our policies and will not carry not reached to a third (in particular that the contents will not be defamatory). You agree to compensate Us in the event of action for a third against Us since this action would have due, base or origin the contents that You communicated to Us.

Article 11 : Personal data protection
We commit ourselves protecting the data which are personal for You. All the personal data concerning You that We collected are treated with the most strict confidentiality, in accordance with the provisions of our policy of data protection personal.

Article 12 : Applicable duty and court of jurisdiction
The present general conditions of sale are subjected to the Luxembourg right and the Convention of Vienna on the international sale contracts of goods. All the litigations relating to the trade existing between are subjected You and Us to the nonexclusive competence of the Luxembourg jurisdictions.

Article 13 : Identification

For the Web site www.d-carte.com: Champ Libre  - Prat Meur - 29710 Plozévet - France
You can contact Us by using this bond : info@d-carte.com

If You think that contents being reproduced on our Site are likely of enfreindre one of your rights of ownership intellectual, or if You have a question relating to our Site, You can write to Us with the following address

Champ Libre  - Prat Meur - 29710 Plozévet - France